The Flower Patch Inc. specializes in commercial and condo maintenance. Whether it be 2 acres or 50 acres we have the staff and equipment to successfully complete any project.


We offer the following services to commercial and condos sites:

  • Landscape maintenance
  • Landscape upgrades
  • Annuals and perennials
  • Flower bed maintenance
  • Weed control services
  • Weekly site clean up
  • Minor tree and shrub pruning
  • Irrigation services

Our maintenance includes picking up of loose garbage, cutting of the grass to height of 2.5" to 3" all season long to achieve the best cut possible. We trim around the property and the flower beds to achieve a great looking site. We then blow off all driveways and walkways, close all gates and remove all trimmings leaving the site clean and tidy. We can turn the tree wells and maintain your flower beds and shrubs as well